Coral Reefs

Hey guys, did you know that the Coral Reef population has been decreasing dramatically.  Scientists aren’t certain why, although there are quite a few hypotheses.  One of the more popular hypotheses is that pollution is causing a considerable amount of death.  Mainly  from the smog, smoke and exhaust from car engines and factories, as well as runoff from sewers.   Another favored hypotheses is that; there have been a lot of trees being chopped down, which release large amounts of Co2 (Carbon Dioxide).  Eventually  the Co2 enters the ocean, the algae consumes the Co2 and expands.  However, eventually the algae can not consume anymore Co2 which could then cause coral bleaching.

This is a large issue as coral reefs are an important part of the ecosystem.  A few easy ways you can help include:

  • Eating only local meat
  • Turning off lights when you are done using them
  • When your air conditioning is on keep your doors and windows closed
  • Eliminating plastic use as much as possible


Thank you for your help with this mission.

-Aleya Ralston


What is GF,DCTL

GF,DCTL is an organization that was founded with the purpose of preserving ocean life. We all share responsibility for maintaining the ocean, and caring for its unique inhabitants. When people remove live animals from the beach it not only kills them, it also takes a large toll on the ocean and humanity. The ocean is a wonderful resource which needs to be cherished.

There are many alternatives to destroying ocean animals, but the easiest one is to take a picture of your Golden Find. The resulting photo allows us to savor and share their beauty, while the animals live and you Don’t Cross The Line! I encourage all of you to share your wild life discoveries by posting them on this page and telling your friends about it. Thank you all very much for joining this mission and spreading the word!

-Aleya Ralston